As another season of football begins, we want to make this years GasCast better than ever. We have lots of exciting ideas, but we need your help to make this happen!

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GasCast podcast was created by a group of Bristol Rovers supporters to provide an alternative form of content for other Gasheads. By providing raw and honest opinions regarding on-and-off the field developments, we bring fans a different perspective than what is currently available via other Rovers media outlets.

With over 50 episodes in our back-catalogue, we dedicate a lot of time to providing this content, and we hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

We have no intentions of stopping here, and hope to bring you more content over the coming season(s).

We want all GasCast content to be available to all, so we are starting this Patreon in the hope that any of our regular listeners that enjoy our show will contribute a small monthly fee (the price of a pint!) to assist us in taking GasCast to the next level.

As we ramp up the quality and quantity of the content, the ongoing costs have a personal impact on us. This is where we need your help - so that we can continue to grow and provide you with new and exciting content.

First and foremost, this money will go into enabling us to improve our equipment, episode quality, and towards promotion to raise the profile of the podcast.

If you do enjoy our content and want to hear more, please consider becoming a patron.

You can support the show and become a patron by heading to our patreon profile.

Thanks, Harley, Mets, Max and Neno - GasCast.

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