é como twittar o brasil

“Neymar is losing so many chances that I will call him Tom Nichols.”

It’s not often you hear Brazilian superstar, Neymar, in the same sentence as Tom Nichols, but it’s not often you have a Brazilian Rovers fanatic who tweets all things Gas. Meet Juliano Dorneles, the Southern Brazilian who runs @the_piratesBR

Juliano’s journey started on the 23rd August 2016; the weather was sunny and it was a carnival atmosphere – however this wasn’t Copacabana Beach, it was South West London and tuning in to watch Chelsea vs Rovers in the League Cup was Juliano. Whilst there were undoubtedly world-class players on show; Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Luke James – it was the congregation of North Bristolians in the Shed End that caught Juliano’s eye. This combined with a spirited and fearless effort put in by the Blue and White quartered buccaneers led Juliano to find out more. 

As a budding sports journalist he dived head first into Rovers back catalogue – heartbreak, redemption and Santa’s Grotto. Once he established a working knowledge, the account was born. Much like myself, his focus on football isn’t purely ‘stats, stats, stats’ but also includes the irreverent side of the game. Irreverence and supporting BRFC go together like; Blissett and one nil, Coughlan and microwave meals, DC and ‘the next project’, Bodin and twisting ankles, Higgs and Italian holidays, Sincs and fishing, Payne and 50/50’s, Wycombe and lightning strikes, Buckle and spray tans… a perfect match. As the opening snippet of his Tom Nichols/Neymar tweet suggest – this Brazilian has a flair for funny. I asked Juliano to share his favourite tweets:

“I also liked it when I posted that the referee gave 6 f**king minutes of additional time. And when Clarke-Harris scored 2 goals against Sunderland and I put a gif of Ronaldo.” 

Tweets like these are good in my books and it adds to the comedy when you have to hit ‘translate tweet’ and something gets lost in translation. One of my personal favourites is his play-off tweet about The Snake: “At Oxford, Matt Taylor (🤢🤮) is the starter in the attack. Good luck to them (minus the betrayal)”

Whilst the account demonstrates his love for The Gas, he must surely have a Brazilian team or even a Prem team that is his No.1. Whilst he has a soft spot for Man United and has a local team, it is Rovers that is his passion. He cites the recent promotions as his favourite moments, but watching games is limited to cup games, so a stand out memory was seeing us play Plymouth in the F.A Cup last season, including THAT Jaakola save. 

In the future the dream would be to come to the Mem – or The Fruity, who knows! (maybe he can bring us some papaya) – and belt out Irene with his fellow Gasheads. 

Para cima e o gás azar a merda! TRANSLATE THAT, DESGRAÇADO!