Opposition view: Swindon (H)

Before we look at the game, could you give us a memory from previous games against the Gas?

The first thing that springs to mind is the game at the Memorial Ground back in 2007 (1-0 Rovers; Lambert) mostly because, during the early days of internet on phones, we thought Wycombe had scored against MK Dons (they hadn’t) and we went crazy for no reason.

A highlight of what was a nothing day for Town. Oh and post-match I almost got knocked over on Gloucester Road by a little car with Town defender Andy Nicholas in the backseat!

How has your season been going so far?

Oof! Not great… and by that I mean it’s been really, really bad.

The good vibes of the L2 PPG title faded pretty quickly once it was apparent that we couldn’t keep many members of a popular squad. Then one of our best players from last season to remain through pre-season, Michael Doughty, left football to concentrate on his sustainable trainer company…!

Our early form was so/so (not brilliant but not really bad enough to be concerned about relegation) and then our popular manager Richie Wellens left for Salford. His assistant Noel Hunt, who many wanted as manager, took temporary charge but the FA Cup exit to National League North’s Darlington killed any hopes people had of that happening.

Instead we got John ‘The Sheridacty’ Sheridan from Wigan as his replacement. The news Sheridan’s arrival hardly left Town fans feeling warm and fuzzy inside but it started quite well given that we beat Rovers in Game #3 and our old pals Oxford in Game #5.

Since then it’s been a bit of a horror show (Pld 19 W4 D3 L12) and more recently we’ve scored 1 goal in 5 games and not had a shot on target for 2 games.

They’ve also sent our best loanee, Matt Smith, back to Arsenal for ‘footballing reasons’ and our most creative player, Diallang Jaiyesimi, left permanently for Charlton during the final moments of the Transfer Window (Matt Smith also ended up at Charlton).

We’ve been told that money is running out and everything appears to be dismantling. Other than that? It’s been really good season! We beat Oxford blah blah blah…

And what would you say your ambitions are for the rest of the campaign?

Despite the doom and gloom, we can still get ourselves out of this mess. It isn’t too late but it would be very flukey as things stand

How is your form coming into the game?


I cannot emphasise how bad Wigan were when we beat them 1-0 at the County Ground last week.

The losses have all be comfortable and deserved for the opposition.

How do you think you’ll setup for our game?

We’ve been going for a 4-4-2 recently but Sheridan changes the formation quite regularly.

Any weak links in your side?

The weak link is the manager.

This squad is being destroyed by dated tactics which have showed no signs of working and by the managers total disregard for his players (often pushes them under the bus in pressers and has barely learnt their names).

Nobody is really blaming the players for the predicament Swindon are in which says a lot.

Who are your standout players?

Our best player is Dion Conroy (centre-back and captain) but it’s been great to have faith in our new goalkeeper Mark Travers (on loan from Bournemouth) after an uncomfortable first half of the season with Matej Kovar in goal.

New signing Christopher Missilou did well enough to get in the Team of Week for his display against Portsmouth so he might have one last decent display before the ‘Sheridan Effect’ kicks in.

Game prediction

0-0 or 1-1

Where do you think you’ll be come the end of the season?

23rd or 24th unless changes are made.