Opposition view: Hull (A)

Before we look at the game, could you give us a memory from previous games against the Gas?

Not played you guys recently at all until this season, but I remember Ryan Williams going on loan to you when he feel out of favour with Peter Taylor. We let him play against us for some reason and I think he scored! Other than that, coming from behind at your place was a good second half but awful first half from us.

How has your season been going so far?

Decent, but it will only continue to be decent if we are automatically promoted. We started well and do well away from home normally, but our home form has been poor. We struggle to score against teams that go ultra defensive.

And what would you say your ambitions are for the rest of the campaign?

Automatic promotion. Has to be. Can’t have another season in this league, woeful football and even worse referees!

How is your form coming into the game?

Not too bad. We finally won at home against Rochdale so hopefully that kickstarts our home form!

How do you think you’ll setup for our game?

4-3-3… always! We never change for anyone. McCann is wedded to this system and it’s one thing he never deviates from.

Any weak links in your side?

We struggle against park the bus teams. We are much better on the counter!

Who are your standout players?

Mallik Wilks – 7 goals in the last 5 games!

Game prediction

Close – either a 1-1 draw or a 1-0 victory either way. Barton hates McCann so there will be lots of incentive for you lot to have a good go and kick living daylights out of us. Typical Barton style!

Where do you think you’ll be come the end of the season?

Probably playoffs – we don’t score enough goals at home and that will be the reason we miss out on the top 2 IMHO