Opposition view Sutton (H)

Before we look at the game, could you give us a memory from previous games against the Gas?

Not sure we have ever played before (could be horribly wrong though)

How has your season been going so far?

Bewilderingly Wonderfully Awesome.

And what would you say your ambitions are for the rest of the campaign?

Who knows? Happy with staying up at start of season but that seems unfair on Matt & players to say that now tbh.

A nice FA Cup run…….:)

How is your form coming into the game?

Been ok, a real blip against Leyton Orient but that does not truly reflect season

How do you think you’ll setup for our game?

4 4 2 big un & little un. Quick movement of ball and high pressing.

Any weak links in your side?

Honestly no. Sounds big headed but certainly nothing that stands out

Who are your standout players?

I could build a case for all of them to be honest. We have a great group here, real team spirit. There is a togetherness about the club that is truly something to be proud of at the minute.

Game prediction

0-1 only because you asked for a prediction and it was first scoreline to pop into my head!

Where do you think you’ll be come the end of the season?

The highest league position in our history!