A CHAT WITH: Nick Day GasCast – Bristol Rovers Podcast

The unmistakable voice of Nick Day spoke to Gasheads over a period of 25 years and he chatted to Jack about how he first got the gig, the eccentric Keith Valle, what makes a good PA announcer, his memories both on and off the field, life after the role and we even get treated to that famous line of his. Support the show (
  1. A CHAT WITH: Nick Day
  2. A CHAT WITH: Adam Virgo
  3. The Gurt Big GasCast Quiz
  4. A CHAT WITH: Jake Gosling
  5. Lockdown Lowdown
  6. A CHAT WITH: Lewis Haldane
  7. A CHAT WITH: Darrell Clarke
  8. A CHAT WITH: Trevor Challis
  9. A CHAT WITH: Nathan Blissett
  10. REACTION: Ken Masters resigns from the Board of Bristol Rovers