A CHAT WITH: Cristian Montano GasCast – Bristol Rovers Podcast

Caz and co-host Jacob Kelly are joined by ex-Rovers winger, Cristian Montano.Cristian discusses his time at Bristol Rovers and winning promotion to League One under Darrell Clarke.After the fear of never being able to play football in the UK again, Cristian speaks out about the battles he faced after a series of life events had a huge impact on his mental health. Cristian also reveals his new clothing range 'Champion Mindset' which was launched to help and identify those who struggle with their mental wellbeing.  If you are affected by anything in this podcast please visit any of the following links: the show (
  1. A CHAT WITH: Cristian Montano
  2. A CHAT WITH: Marco Chiavetta
  3. A CHAT WITH: Sam Nicholson
  4. Another Slow Start
  5. Rovers Reach Base Camp
  6. New Season Preview
  7. June Transfer Roundup
  8. A CHAT WITH: Fair Game UK
  9. May Transfer Roundup
  10. SCOUT REPORT: Sam Finley and Paul Coutts ft Cods Vlogs